JBAY.ZONE® produces and distributes inflatable Stand Up Paddles designed by SUP fans for SUP fans, for all those who do not give up a “Supping” early in the morning, for those who want to enjoy the sunset in the middle of the sea with their families , and also for those who can’t wait to spend a weekend with friends enjoying the breathtaking view that a lake or river can offer. Therefore, all the efforts that JBAY.ZONE® made during the creation of the new Paddleboards 2020, are for the benefit of all those who love nature, love sharing experiences and want to be together, having fun and keeping fit.

Everything is included

Just think of fun, JBAY.ZONE takes care of accessories. For each Stand Up Paddle, a complete and high quality set of accessories has been specifically designed.

Innovative Design

JBAY.ZONE Paddleboards are easily distinguished from the others by their distinctive and characteristic design 100% Made in Italy. Colors and patterns have been carefully selected to build a fresh and visually satisfying product.


JBAY.ZONE bases the internal structure of its SUPs on an innovative and reliable technology used in the field of water sports for a long time now with exceptional results. The so-called Drop-Stitch Technology.

JBAY.ZONE – All Around Series

The new All Around SUP by JBAY.ZONE are the perfect boards to start practicing this fantastic sport. The sizes of the AMURA board, for example, are perfectly designed for those that have never used a SUP; while the KAME models, quicker and more structured, are suitable for those who already have experience and want to improve their own basis.

JBAY.ZONE – Touring and Crossover Series

For the more experts JBAY.ZONE has created the COMET range, the better choice for those who have even a minimal experience with Stand Up Paddling. COMET WJ2 is the Crossover Wind Sup for a great fun that combines the comfort of a Stand Up Paddle with the adrenaline of a Windsurf, thanks to the sailing support that allows the installation of the most part of Windsurf sails on the market.

COMET J2 and J3, on the other hand, are comfortable, spacious and reliable Paddleboards, perfect to spend your free time far from the stress of everyday life, exploring coasts, lakes and rivers.




One single layer for lightness and agility. Double layer for resistance and duration.

UAL Drop-Stitch

The Drop-Stitch UAL construction consists of a series of very thick fabric filaments that join the two ends of the laminated PVC which constitutes the SUP. The purpose of these filaments is to stiffen the board once inflated to the recommended pressure of 15PSI maintaining- at the same time- an extraordinary lightness.

Laminated PVC

The polyvinyl chloride - used by JBAY.ZONE to make up the laminated PVC for its Stand Up Paddles- is of high quality. The two layers of PVC are interspersed with a layer of Polyester to obtain greater resistance and reliability.

Premium HDT Drop-Stitch

Drop-Stitch HDT technology is a high quality construction method that provides a UAL Base structure with the addition of another layer of Laminated PVC. In this way, the rigidity of the board and the weight support, together with the duration, increase significantly.

D-Ring for accessories

D-rings are installed on all JBAY.ZONE SUPs to fix some accessories such as the Security Leash or the Semi-rigid seat, useful for transforming the Stand Up Paddle into a very practical Kayak.

Eva Foam Pad

In both All Around and Touring models, the surface of the Deck is covered with a special layer of non-slip EVA Foam that provides extra support to the user.

High pressure valve

Only High Pressure valves are installed in the JBAY.ZONE SUP. This type of valve offers an exceptional safety and the insufflation and outflow of air are extremely rapid and effective.

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