Using the proper equipment while supping or kayaking is crucial to enjoy and focus your energies in the right direction. Among JBAY.ZONE accessories, there are reliable and performing electric and manual double/action pumps, safety leash, paddles with carbon-fiber shaft, transport bag for sup and kayak, waterproof dry bag to keep your personal objects safe, different kind of fins and many others…


Bravo® Automatic Electric Pump

The new Bravo® 12 Volt DC Electric Pump is specifically designed to inflate SUP boards with a 1.7m long plastic tube terminating with a bayonet coupling, and can be powered through a car cigarette lighter socket. The pump is equipped with a pressure selector up to 18psi / 1,24bar with auto stop function when the indicated value is reached. The airflow output is 120l/min.

Bravo® Double Action Pump SUP4PUMP

The Bravo® 2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for SUP, is a real added value of the 2019 JBAY.ZONE Stand up Paddles. This pump works in both Double Action and Single Action, in fact you just need to select the air input mode through the appropriate control lever. This Bravo® inflator allows you to inflate up to a maximum pressure of 29psi / 1.9Bar, viewable via integrated pressure gauge directly on the handle. The practical nozzle with bayonet coupling is specific for High Pressure valves installed on Stand Up Paddles.


Carbon Paddle Special Edition SQ.IN 95

For those who want to get the most out of their SUP, the JBAY.ZONE adjustable paddle with a carbon fiber handle is the right choice. The paddle is made of PVC with JBAY.ZONE logo screen printed with special coloring on a gray background, to obtain a strong and racing look. It measures 165cm and can be extended by a maximum of 50cm to reach a maximum length of 215cm. It is also part of the standard equipment of the SUP of the artistic line. Thanks to the carbon fiber used for the construction of the handle, the overall weight of the JBAY.ZONE SPECIAL EDITION paddle is reduced to only 800 grams. SQ.IN 95 – 612 cm².

Aluminium Paddleboard Red Edition SQ.IN 83

Red Edition is the adjustable JBAY.ZONE paddle with a single polypropylene blade with an area of 83 SQ.IN – 535 cm² with JBAY.ZONE logo screen printed in white on a red background and a modular aluminum handle. Made specifically for lovers of SUP boards, is part of the basic equipment of most of the Stand Up Paddle JBAY.ZONE. It measures 165cm and the handle is extendable for a maximum of 50cm, up to a total length of 215cm. Thanks to the use of high quality materials the weight is only 1.1kg.

Aluminium Paddleboard Black Edition

The JBAY.ZONE Black Edition adjustable paddle features a single polypropylene blade with white JBAY.ZONE logo and removable aluminum handle. Made for use with Stand Up Paddle, it is part of the basic equipment for the Stand Up Paddle series AMURA and KAME. It measures 165cm and the handle can be extended by a maximum of 50cm, to reach an overall length of 215cm. Thanks to the use of high quality materials the weight is only 1kg.

Aluminium Racing Edition Paddle

The JBAY.ZONE Racing Edition adjustable paddle features a carbon fiber handle with an Anti-Twist system that prevents unpleasant handle rotation. Coming soon!

Aluminium Delta Edition Paddle

The adjustable JBAY.ZONE Delta Edition paddle with single blade, with a new design in tune with the new 2022 boards, made of Polypropylene with an area of 83 SQ.IN – 535cm2 and modular aluminum handle, is included with the DELTA/BETA Stand Up Paddle series, as suggested by the graphics. It measures 165cm, with handle extendable up to a maximum of 50cm, to an overall length of 215cm. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the weight is only 1.1kg.

Aluminium Double Paddle

The double blade paddle, which can be used with kayaks or stand up paddles together with the specific seat, measures, once assembled, 218cm in length and, thanks to the use of top quality materials, the weight is contained to only 1,1 Kg. Through the spring loaded pin, the paddle can be assembled and disassembled without the aid of external tools easily and quickly. The handle is divided into 2 portions in order to store and transport the double blade paddle more easily.


Floating Aid Device

The floating aid jacket JBAY.ZONE has been studied and realized for the specific use with SUP and KAYAK. Light, resistant and not invasive, in order not to limit the movements of the user, it conforms to the ISO12402-5 regulation. Made of waterproof polyester with internal floating elements in EVA FOAM, it is available in 3 different sizes and it is adjustable through a buckle and an elastic waist.

Safety Leash

The JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash has a 7mm diameter thermoplastic polyurethane cable, lightweight and extremely durable, with a maximum extension length of 300cm. The ankle strap, on the other hand, is made of Neoprene, soft and comfortable, and is connected to the cable by a stainless steel pin, rotating 360° to minimize the risk of unintentional twisting during use. The JBAY.ZONE ankle strap is very light and once secured to the board, through the special Velcro closure, it will not even feel like wearing it.


Dry Bag 5L / 10L / 20L

The waterproof bag for a kayak or Stand up Paddle enthusiast is a truly indispensable item even for small trips, because it allows you to keep your equipment dry and provide protection for your electronic devices. The new waterproof bags JBAY.ZONE are waterproof and easily foldable for easy transport, completely made of water-repellent Tarpaulin 500D PVC fabric with welded seams to prevent water from entering inside the bag and wetting its contents. Once the bag is filled to capacity, simply fold the end of the bag over on itself three times and secure the two parts of the quick-release buckle together. This provides a convenient handle for the bag and ensures that the main zipper is also watertight.

Transport bag

The transport bag is supplied with all SUP JBAY.ZONE. Comfortable and spacious, is equipped with a second convenient pocket is located on the front, along with an elastic net to store additional equipment. The closure of the two compartments is regulated by a double zipper, resistant and reliable, while on the sides are sewn two buckles with quick release, useful to keep the bag rigid once filled. The coloring provides a double color gray and black for the bag, with inserts of light blue, which manages to give a sporty look and at the same time clean and linear bag to be noticed with style even when you are not on board the SUP. Measures 96x36x26cm

Transport Trolley

The JBAY.ZONE transport trolley comes with all kayaks in the V-Shape line, but can also be used with stand up paddle boards. The main feature of this transport backpack are the sturdy wheels installed on the bottom, which allow easy transportation of the trolley on any type of path. The main compartment can hold the kayak or stand up paddle when deflated and all the accessories provided, it is regulated by a double zipper, robust and reliable, and inside it has straps to be able to lock the contents effectively. Two secondary pockets, one on the front and one on the back, allow you to carry additional equipment.


Central and lateral fins

The fins are part of the main components of the SUP or Kayak and each model has its own configuration of fins, which differ from each other, also and above all for the type of box. The central fins JBAY.ZONE are slide type or US Box, to be used with a stand up paddle or kayak JBAY.ZONE or other brands that use the same type of box. The side fins are of the “Click Fin” type with quick coupling for the Beta / Delta series, or with coupling by means of an Allen screw for the Comet series.


Semi-rigid seating

With the semi-rigid JBAY.ZONE Seat in Polyester, the transformation of any SUP set up into a practical Kayak is quick and easy. The seat is fixed to the D-rings on the Deck of the Stand Up Paddle through the appropriate straps and allows, once fixed, to paddle in a much more comfortable and effective thanks to the extra stability provided by the backrest. The semi-rigid seat JBAY.ZONE is compatible with all UAS prepared for conversion into a kayak.

JSAIL Sail Kit

JSAIL is a specific sail kit for use with compatible Stand Up Paddleboards such as the Crossover COMET WJ2 JBAY.ZONE or small windsurfing boards, equipped with everything you need for immediate mounting on the SUP COMET WJ2 and any other compatible board. The mast base is attached to the special support on the Paddleboard Deck in a few seconds and will serve as a base for the supporting structure of the sail made of aluminum. The mast of the JSAIL kit is 283cm with a 132cm boom and the total area occupied by the sail is 3m². Resistant, versatile and water-repellent, the sail is made of Dacron 160g/m² and integrates a transparent window to maintain a good visibility during the practice.


The JBAY.ZONE Action CAM Mount with GoPRO®HERO attachment conveniently mounts to the deck of a Stand up Paddle, Surf or Bodyboard, and is perfect for shooting your adventures from wave to beach in comfort while keeping both hands free. Once you attach your GoPro®HERO camera or any other action cam with the same type of attachment to your board, creating exciting footage of the scenery or yourself is easier and more fun.



The JBAY.ZONE keychain encapsulates the sporty soul of every Supper. Distinctive and stylish, it allows you to always carry the Stand Up Paddle that it represents, even during a day of work. Made of Soft Vinyl, it features the unmistakable JBAY.ZONE logo in three colors, black, white and red.