Angular and essential geometries are predominant in the design, rigorously made in Italy, of the JBAY.ZONE Delta and Beta SUP line, absolute novelty for 2022. The geometric repetitions give personality and an overall sense of order to these stand up paddle boards, available in 3 different shapes, also with Dual-Chamber technology.

The line of SUP JBAY.ZONE BETA takes advantage of all the safety and stability that only the double air chamber (Double Chamber Technology) can ensure the rider.

An inner tube in addition to the main outer tube provides an ultimate feeling of stability, while also providing secure support in the water should the main tube, for whatever reason, begin to lose pressure during a hike or crusing session.

Comfortable and smooth in the water, the BETA B3 11’6′‘ model is more suitable for a cruising use, calibrated on long and fascinating itineraries, maybe in company of a four-legged friend, considering the generous and spacious dimensions of the deck. Suitable even for beginners, the BETA B3 Stand up Paddle is designed for adventurous spirits to provide dynamic speed and safety.










BETA B3 presents a really wide and comfortable Deck, ideal for long distance excursions, managing to maintain a good maneuverability.


The SUP BETA B3 is particularly comfortable during the exits, being also extremely stable due to the increased width.


Thanks to the 2LF Fusion double chamber construction with Drop-Stitch Technology the weight support of JBAY.ZONE BETA B3 is 160 Kg.




Lightweight and extremely durable JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash. Maximum length in extension of 300cm.


Bravo® Manual Pump 2x2000cc specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector switch.


Uniquely designed JBAY.ZONE adjustable aluminum paddle with 83in² – 535cm² PP blade. Modular and extendable handle for 50 cm.


Transport bag JBAY.ZONE convenient to carry the SUP board and its accessories. Features adjustable shoulder straps to be worn as a backpack and side pocket.


JBAY.ZONE mount for Action CAM with GoPRO®HERO type attachment that can be easily installed on the Deck of the boards.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to make small repairs for any punctures or damage to the outer layer of material. Glue is not included in the kit.


The technology used for the SUP BETA B3 is called 2LF Fusion Drop-Stitch technology, which consists of two air chambers, each formed by two layers of fabric, coupled with a first layer of laminated PVC, connected together by thousands of filaments. This type of construction allows the SUP, when inflated to the ideal pressure of 18PSI for the main air chamber and 8PSI for the secondary air chamber, to become rigid and durable. A second layer of laminated PVC is thermally welded, without the use of glue, to the first, thus forming a double layer material or “Double Layer” to significantly increase the strength, stiffness and durability of the Stand up paddle. The 2LF Fusion technology saves glue weight resulting in boards that are up to 25% lighter than standard Dual Layer Paddleboards and, in no small part, less environmentally impactful.


The 2LF Fusion double layer construction that eliminates glue during the bonding phase of the 2 layers of PVC Laminate that make up the BETA B3 SUP means that the board weighs only 13.2Kg, saving up to 25% of the weight compared to a standard stand up paddle board.


With BETA B3 exploring coastlines, rivers or lakes in comfort will finally be within anyone’s reach. Resistance and reliability, even with a four-legged friend on board, after intensive and exciting use, make this SUP a perfect means of transport for medium or long-distance excursions. The second central air chamber, characteristic of the SUP BETA B2 and B3, offers an additional floating surface, useful first of all to deal with any emergency that may arise during the use of the Stand up Paddle board.


The process of thermal fusion between the two layers of PVC that make up the main part of the Deck of the SUP BETA B3, is done without the aid of glue using the 2LF Fusion technology. This provides a significant increase in the strength, durability and stiffness of the material.

LENGTH 350 cm – 11’6”

The surface of contact with the water shows good smoothness and speed, making the SUP JBAY.ZONE BETA B3 ideal for long-distance trips, proving to be an excellent exercise for training physical endurance.

WIDTH 81 cm – 32”

The width of the BETA B3 SUP offers better stability on the board by increasing the space for the user, making it very comfortable for excursions and more stable for beginners. The wider Deck also affects the speed of the board, which shows usually lower values than boards with narrower Deck.


The 15cm thickness is a premium value, not common to all inflatable SUPs. The weight resistance is significantly higher, which means even greater stability for the user in a variety of operating conditions.


Everything you need is included to use the JBAY.ZONE BETA B3 board right away. High-quality accessories like the Bravo® double-action pump and GoPRO®HERO mount are added values to the already high quality JBAY.ZONE.


The outstanding feature of the SUP BETA B3 is undoubtedly the double air chamber. Having two air chambers is definitely a double advantage: in terms of safety it provides a second floating surface in case of need and ensures the SUP a significant increase in stability and rigidity.

The basic material used for the construction of the SUP board BETA B3 consists of two overlapping layers of high strength PVC laminate, thermally welded together, using the 2LF Fusion technology, which allows to obtain an inflatable board with performances comparable to those of a Solid SUP with excellent weight support. The heat-sealing process, without the use of glue between the two layers of material, ensures that the total weight of the board is reduced by up to 25% compared to a standard Double-Layer Stand up Paddle, significantly increasing its resistance, rigidity and durability.

For the internal structure, of both air chambers, was used the Drop-Stitch technology which, thanks to thousands of fabric filaments welded to the ends of the PVC Laminate, allows the Stand Up Paddle BETA B3, once reached the ideal pressure of 18PSI for the main chamber and 8PSI for the inner chamber, to become rigid and strong, supporting the weight of the rider to perfection, coming very close to the performance of a rigid board.

The Rail is reinforced with an extra layer of laminated PVC for added safety and impact resistance.

The SUP BETA B3 has an EVA Foam cover on the central part of the Deck to provide a more stable support to the rider in various conditions of use, with a Kickpad near the tail, useful to better control the stand up paddle to make pivots or quick turns. The Rocker of this SUP is more pronounced, a feature common to all BETA / DELTA boards, compared to the Stand up Paddle Touring COMET series, reducing the surface of contact with the water.

The 3 installed stabilization fins are all removable. The central fin has a Slide type engagement while the two side fins are Click Fin type with a self-locking slot. There are no special external accessories required to anchor the fins to the board.

The valves installed on the SUP BETA B3 are for both High Pressure air chambers with bayonet coupling. This type of valve is ideal for safely connecting the supplied Bravo® Double Action Pump to optimize air blowing operations and avoid the risk of unexpected pressure loss.

Also for the BETA B3 model there are D-rings along the perimeter of the Deck, useful for the connection of accessories such as the Safety Leash or the specific seat for the transformation of the stand up paddle into a kayak.

JBAY.ZONE / SUP BETA B3 / 11,6 / MODEL: 54004 / 8056518105043