Having a Stand Up Paddle that allows you to carry more people is definitely an added value when you are faced with a large group of friends or you want to use a fun and educational sport as Stand up Paddling for aggregation activities or team building. The philosophy that pushed JBAY.ZONE to bet on BIG SUP Y3 is just that, the more people can get on board, the greater the fun will be.










The 5+ foot deck provided for the Y3 Big Sup is smooth and fast on the water and is perfect for group outings and fun with friends.


The 152cm width of the Big Sup Y3 is ideal for comfortably accommodating multiple users at once, while keeping the board stable. Ideal for a large group of friends or gathering activities.


The Big Sup Y3 easily carries up to 6 users for a total weight of 445Kg, also thanks to the robust 20cm rail. JBAY.ZONE's Drop-Stitch UAL technology offers excellent weight support.




Bravo® Manual Pump 2x2000cc specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector switch.


JBAY.ZONE Premium Transport Bag perfect for carrying the Stand Up Paddle.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to make small repairs for any punctures or damage to the outer layer of material. Glue is not included in the kit.


Thanks to JBAY.ZONE’s Drop-Stitch UAL Technology Laminated PVC construction the BIG SUP Y3 stand up paddle proves to be rigid, stable and with excellent weight support when it reaches the recommended inflation pressure of 15Psi.


Although it becomes really huge once inflated with its deck more than 5 meters long, the BIG SUP Y3 still manages to maintain a low weight of only 35.75kg.


Being able to have a Stand Up Paddle that can carry several people like the BIG SUP Y3 is definitely an added value when you are in front of a large group of friends or you want to use a fun and educational sport like Stand up Paddling for aggregation activities or team building.


The laminated PVC used for BIG SUP Y3 is formed by two layers of PVC interspersed with a layer of polyester to reinforce and ensure great resistance to the SUP.

LENGTH 518cm – 17′

On the large deck surface of the BIG SUP Y3 there are numerous handles, ideal for carrying the SUP effortlessly.

152cm – 60”

The philosophy behind JBAY.ZONE’s decision to add the new BIG SUP Y3 to its Stand Up Paddle catalog is to believe that the more people who can get on board, the greater the fun will be. BIG SUP Y3 can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people at the same time.

20cm – 8”

The 20cm thickness is a premium value, specifically for carrying multiple users on the board. The weight resistance for this type of thickness is considerably higher and allows to easily transport up to 445kg of weight.


Inside the board JBAY.ZONE BIG SUP Y3 are included the practical bag to store and transport the Stand up Paddle, the 4 removable fins and the repair kit.


The BIG SUP Y3 JBAY.ZONE is made entirely of high strength Laminate PVC with EVA Foam covering on the Deck to further increase stability during use. Up to 6 people can be on board the Stand up Paddle at the same time.

The internal structure of BIG SUP Y3 is composed of thousands of fabric filaments welded to laminated PVC. This technology is called Drop-Stitch UAL, and allows the BIG SUP Y3, once inflated to the recommended pressure of 15PSI, to prove extremely rigid and durable. The Rail is also reinforced with anextra layer of Laminated PVC for added safety and resistance to impact or stress.

The 4 valves used for the JBAY.ZONE BIG SUP Y3 are High Pressure type with bayonet coupling to connect the Bravo® Double Action Pump supplied. This type of valve optimizes air blowing operations and avoids the risk of unexpected pressure loss. On the front part there is space for the classic elastic rope for carrying the equipment safely. In order to prevent your items from getting accidentally wet, it is advisable to use watertight bags such as the DRY BAG JBAY.ZONE of 5, 10 or 20 liters. The BIG SUP Y3 transforms into a kayak by relying on the numerous D-rings on the deck, useful for installing seats or other accessories. Finally, on the bottom of the stand up paddle there are 4 removable fins with a slide frame.

JBAY.ZONE / BIG SUP Y3 / 17′ / MODEL: 30006 / 8056518103063

CategoryBig SUP Board
MaterialLaminated PVC with DROP-STITCH UAL Technology
Volume 925L
Thickness20cm / 8''
Length518cm / 17'
Width152cm / 60''
Air Chambers1
Inflation Pressure15psi / 1Bar
Loading capacity445kg
Convertible into KayakYes, seat and paddle are sold separately
Action Cam MountOptional
Pump IncludedBravo® Double Action 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Transport BagIncluded
Fins Setup4 Removable Fins
Repair KitIncluded
Paddle IncludedNo