The best way to work out on the water has a name: JFIT. Thanks to its specially shaped deck, performing fitness, yoga or pilates exercises aboard JBAY.ZONE’s JFIT platform is more fun and efficient. Lightweight, stable and easy to carry, the JFIT mat is designed and manufactured to train in direct touch with nature and to obtain better and better results.










JFIT is light and comfortable to carry thanks to the many handles on the front and back of the Fitness Island which, once deflated, can be stored in the bag provided.


The rectangular shaped deck of the JFIT Fitness Island is perfectly sized to offer the proper stability and provide the right confidence to perform various exercises while on the water.


Using UAL's Drop-Stitch interior construction technique, JBAY.ZONE Fitness Island JFIT can accommodate users weighing up to 105kg.




JBAY.ZONE transport bag perfect for storing the Fitness Island JFIT.


Bravo® Manual Pump 2x2000cc specific for SUP and High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. SA / DA mode selector switch.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to make small repairs for any punctures or damage to the outer layer of material. Glue not included.


JBAY.ZONE’s tried and tested Drop-Stitch UAL technology laminated PVC construction technique is able to guarantee the JFIT Fitness Island, once the recommended pressure of 10PSI is reached, rigidity and excellent weight support.


JFIT proves to be one of the lightest Fitness Island on the market with a weight limited to only 7.9Kg. Once deflated it is conveniently transported inside the provided bag.


The benefits of working out aboard the JFIT Fitness Island are many. Meditating and practicing Yoga along with the wave motion of the water helps to forget anxiety and nervousness. The constant need to maintain balance, contributes to the solicitation and involvement of all the muscles of the body, helping to reshape the entire body. Targeted training of the legs, glutes, abdomen and arms is much more efficient using JFIT than a standard gym workout.


The Laminated PVC used for the construction of all JBAY.ZONE Stand up Paddles and the new JFIT Fitness Island is made up of two layers of PVC interspersed with a layer of Polyester to reinforce and guarantee great resistance to the inflatable equipment.

LENGTH 218cm – 7’2”

Performing fitness or yoga exercises surrounded by the positive energy of nature and especially the element of water enhances relaxation of the mind and improves toning of deeper muscles.

WIDTH 91cm – 3′

Practicing physical activity aboard the JFIT Fitness Island allows you to continually stimulate your stability capacity to strengthen all the muscles of the body with a single allemento. JFIT is like a yoga mat resting on a water surface that gently stimulates all five senses.

THICKNESS 15cm – 6”

The thickness of 15cm is a premium value not always found in the most common inflatable equipment. Weight resistance and overall stability are significantly higher under different conditions of use.


Included with the JFIT Fitness Island is a convenient carrying bag, dual action pump and repair kit.


The JFIT Fitness Island is made entirely of high-strength Laminate PVC with EVA Foam covering over the entire deck area to provide a non-slip surface during exercises. The coloring in shades of blue is pleasing to the eye, is characterized by its extreme versatility and also gives JFIT a certain brightness.

The internal structure of the JFIT Fitness Island is composed of thousands of fabric filaments welded to laminated PVC. This technology is called Drop-Stitch UAL, which gives the new JBAY.ZONE Fitness Platform excellent stiffness and resistance once inflated to the recommended pressure of 10PSI.

On the deck, on the rail and on the bottom of the JFIT Fitness Island there are special steel “D-rings“, useful for connecting the Safety Leash or other accessories such as buoys or floats, to secure several platforms together or to secure the Fitness Island to a pier.

The valve used by JBAY.ZONE for this new fitness mat is of the High Pressure type with bayonet coupling to firmly connect the Bravo® Pump supplied and thus optimize air blowing operations, avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure losses. Finally, there is space at the bow for a special elastic net to secure any exercise equipment or personal effects to the board.

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JBAY.ZONE / JFIT FITNESS ISLAND / 7’2” / MODEL: 30015 / 8056518103155

Categoria Fitness Island
Materiale PVC Laminato con Tecnologia DROP-STITCH UAL
Volume  220L
Spessore 15cm / 6''
Lunghezza 218cm / 7'2''
Larghezza 91cm 3'
Peso 7,9kg
Nr. Camere d'Aria 1
Pressione Gonfiaggio 8-10psi / 0.55-0.68Bar
Nr. Persone 1
Capacita' di Carico 105kg
Convertibile in Kayak No
Cavigliera No
Supporto Camera No
Pompa in Dotazione a Doppia Azione Bravo 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Borsa di Trasporto in Dotazione
Pinna Centrale Non Presente
Kit Riparazione In Dotazione
Paddle in Dotazione No