KAME H1 is part of the JBAY.ZONE SUP All Around range. It differs from other boards defined as “All-rounder” because of the exclusive Maori style design, 100% Made in Italy, specially developed by JBAY.ZONE for this specific range of inflatable Stand Up Paddle and, last but not least, from the super complete accessory kit made available to riders. The 9’9” Deck allows you to use the KAME H1 Stand up Paddle in the most diverse conditions.










The KAME H1 SUP proves to be an excellent compromise between maneuverability and stability thanks to an ideal ratio between length and width of the Deck.


Stability and Handling go hand in hand for this Stand Up Paddle with a marked versatility in different conditions of use.


Thanks to the construction of PVC Laminate with Drop-Stitch UAL Technology the weight support of JBAY.ZONE KAME H1 is 120 Kg.




Lightweight and extremely durable JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash. Maximum length in extension of 300cm.


Aluminium paddle with modular and adjustable JBAY.ZONE Black Edition handle with Polypropylene blade.


JBAY.ZONE support for Action CAM with GoPRO®HERO type attachment that can be easily installed on the Deck of the boards.


Transport bag JBAY.ZONE convenient to carry the SUP board and its accessories. Features adjustable shoulder straps to be worn as a backpack and side pocket.


Bravo® Manual Pump 2x2000cc specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector switch.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to make small repairs for any punctures or damage to the outer layer of material. Glue is not included in the kit.


Thanks to JBAY.ZONE’s Drop-Stitch UAL Technology Laminated PVC construction, the Stand Up Paddle, once it reaches 15PSI pressure, proves to be rigid with excellent weight support.


KAME H1 is a light and manageable SUP with its weight limited to only 11 kg. Once deflated, you can safely store the board in its bag and transport it in the trunk of your car.


The H1 is a versatile board that can be used in a variety of conditions, suitable for beginners and experts, for short tours or longer hikes.


The laminated PVC that makes up KAME H1 is made up of two layers of PVC interspersed with a layer of Polyester to reinforce and guarantee great resistance to the SUP.

LENGTH 297 cm / 9’9”

This size allows the board to maintain good maneuverability without compromising agility. The KAME H1 SUP turns out to be very versatile and performs well in both hiking and slightly rough water.

WIDTH 76 cm – 30”

The Deck width of 76cm is the right compromise between stability and speed of the board in the water. It provides good stability to the user without slowing down the Stand Up Paddle too much.

15 cm – 6”

The 15cm thickness is a premium value, not common to all inflatable SUPs. The weight resistance is significantly higher, which means even greater stability for the user in a variety of operating conditions.


Everything you need is included to use your JBAY.ZONE board right out of the box.


The SUP KAME H1 JBAY.ZONE is entirely made of high strength Laminate PVC with EVA Foam cover on the Deck to obtain great stability during use and increase the grip without using special footwear. Near the tail of the SUP there is an uplift or “Kickpad” to provide the rider with a stable support to be able to quickly turn the board.

The internal structure of the SUP KAME H1 is composed of thousands of filaments of fabric and is called Drop-Stitch UAL Technology, which allows the Stand up Paddle, once inflated to the recommended pressure of 15PSI, to prove extremely rigid and resistant. The Rail is reinforced with an extra layer of laminated PVC for added safety and impact resistance.

On the deck of the SUP KAME H1 JBAY.ZONE there are steel D-rings, to be used for the connection of the Leash, supplied with this board, or other accessories such as the Semi-rigid Seat for the transformation of the Stand Up Paddle in Kayak.

The KAME H1 SUP inflator valve is a high-pressure valve with a bayonet coupling for safe connection to the supplied Bravo® Pump, to optimize air inflation and avoid the risk of unexpected pressure loss. The center fin installed on the KAME H1 Stand up Paddle is removable, with a slide-in slot.


JBAY.ZONE / SUP KAME H1 / 9.9 / MODEL: 29002 / 8056518102028

CategoryAll Around Multiboard
MaterialLaminated PVC with DROP-STITCH UAL Technology
Thickness15cm / 6''
Length297cm / 9'9''
Width76cm / 30''
Nr. Air Chambers1
Inflation Pressure15psi / 1Bar
Nr. Person1
Loading Capacity120kg
Convertible into Kayak Yes, seat and paddle are sold separately
Action Cam SupportGoPro HERO, Included (camera not included)
Pump IncludedDouble Action Bravo 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Transport BagIncluded
FinsRemovable Central Fin
Repair KitIncluded
Paddle IncludedExtensible Aluminium Paddle 165-215cm