Practicing Stand Up Paddling in river waters offers the fascinating possibility of admiring wild places while being transported by the flow of water getting a much more adrenaline and rewarding experience. For this reason, the SUP JBAY.ZONE RIVER Y1 has been designed and built to have fun along the course of a river either in a quiet way to enjoy the view while being transported by the flow of water, or facing moderate flows for even more fun. Fun and relaxing, Paddleboarding aboard a RIVER Y1 SUP is also a great workout to stay in shape while having fun.










With the SUP RIVER Y1 is possible to have fun even in the presence of light or moderate currents without sacrificing the maneuverability of the board thanks to a perfectly sized deck.


The width of 89cm provided for the deck of the SUP RIVER Y1 allows you to maintain stability and safety even in water conditions of moderate current, ideal for White Water SUP.


RIVER Y1 by JBAY.ZONE supports up to 140 kg of weight due to the 2LF Fusion Drop-Stitch technology used in its construction.




Lightweight and extremely durable JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash. Maximum length in extension of 300cm.


Bravo® Manual Pump 2x2000cc specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector switch.


JBAY.ZONE Red Edition adjustable aluminum paddle with 83 SQ.IN – 535 cm² Polypropylene blade. The Modular Handle is extendable for 50 centimeters.


New Transport Bag JBAY.ZONE perfect to carry the Stand Up Paddle RIVER Y1 and its accessories.


JBAY.ZONE support for Action CAM with GoPRO®HERO type attachment that can be easily installed on the Deck of the boards.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to make small repairs for any punctures or damage to the outer layer of material. La colla non è inclusa nel kit.


The technology used for the SUP RIVER Y1 is called 2LF Fusion Drop-Stitch Technology, which consists of an air chamber formed by two layers of fabric, coupled with a first layer of laminated PVC, connected together by thousands of filaments. This type of construction allows the SUP, once inflated to the ideal pressure of 18PSI, to become rigid and durable. A second layer of laminated PVC is thermally welded, without the use of glue, to the first, thus forming a double layer material or “Double Layer” to significantly increase the strength, stiffness and durability of the Stand up paddle. The 2LF Fusion technology saves glue weight resulting in boards that are up to 25% lighter than standard Dual Layer Paddleboards and, in no small part, less environmentally impactful.


The SUP RIVER Y1 weighs only 10.8kg. Credit the 2LF Fusion dual-layer construction that eliminates glue and saves up to 25% of the weight compared to a standard stand up paddle board.


Practicing Stand Up Paddling in river waters offers the fascinating possibility of admiring wild places while being transported by the flow of water for a much more adrenaline-filled and rewarding experience. Enjoy the view on a RIVER Y1 SUP board while being carried by the current, light or moderate, along the course of a river.


The process of thermal fusion between the two layers of PVC that make up the main part of the Deck of the SUP RIVER Y1 takes place without the aid of glue using the 2LF Fusion technology. This provides a significant increase in the strength, durability and stiffness of the material.

LENGTH 290cm – 9’6”

The water contact surface of the SUP RIVER Y1 offers a perfect combination of speed of travel and ease of control. 290cm is an ideal value for the White Water SUP but allows for excellent glide and speed performance in the water during Cruising.

WIDTH 89cm – 35”

Superior comfort and stability. The width of the RIVER Y1 Stand up Paddle is perfect for White Water SUP where extra stability is usually required to cope with the turbulent and challenging environment that the river can offer.

THICKNESS 15cm – 6”

The 15cm thickness is a premium value, not common to all inflatable SUPs. The weight resistance is significantly higher, which means even greater stability for the user in a variety of operating conditions.


Everything you need is included to use the JBAY.ZONE RIVER Y1 board right away. High-quality accessories such as the Bravo® double-action pump and GoPRO®HERO mount are added values to the already high quality JBAY.ZONE.


For SUP JBAY.ZONE RIVER Y1, is used material composed by two overlapping layers of high strength PVC laminate, thermo-welded together, using the 2LF Fusion technology, which allows to obtain an inflatable board with performances comparable to those of a rigid SUP, with an excellent weight support. The heat-sealing process, without the use of glue between the two layers of material, ensures that the total weight of the board is reduced by up to 25% compared to a standard Double-Layer Stand up Paddle, significantly increasing its resistance, rigidity and durability. Thermowelding is also more environmentally sustainable, eliminating chemical residues and the use of solvents that would normally be used with glue.

For the internal structure was used the Drop-Stitch technology which, thanks to thousands of fabric filaments welded to the ends of the PVC Laminate, allows the Stand Up Paddle RIVER Y1, once reached the ideal pressure of 18PSI, to become rigid and strong, supporting the weight of the rider to perfection.

The Rail is reinforced with an extra layer of laminated PVC for added safety and impact resistance.

An EVA Foam cover on the middle part of the Deck of the SUP RIVER Y1 provides a more stable support to the rider in different conditions of use. The diamond texture of the pad ensures high grip even in the presence of water. Near the SUP tail there is a raised Kickpad, useful to better control the SUP and to make pivots or quick turns.

The RIVER Y1 board is equipped with 5 fins, 4 of which are fixed and a removable central Slide Fin. The valve used is High Pressure with bayonet coupling, to connect the Bravo® Double Action Pump supplied, optimizing air blowing operations and avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure loss.

In order to be able to use different types of accessories including the fundamental safety leash, a series of D-Rings is located on the deck and tail of the SUP RIVER Y1. It is possible to use the board as a kayak using the special semi-rigid seat sold separately.

JBAY.ZONE / SUP RIVER Y1 / 9’6” / MODEL: 30002 / 8056518103025

CategoryRiver SUP Board
Material2LF Fusion with DROP-STITCH Technology
Volume 295L
Thickness15cm / 6''
Length290cm / 9'6''
Width89cm / 35''
Air Chambers N°1
Inflation Pressure18psi / 1,24Bar
Loading Capacity140kg
Convertible into KayakYes, seat and paddle are sold separately
Action Cam MountGoPro HERO, Included (camera not included)
Pump IncludedBravo Double Action 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Transport BagIncluded
Fins Setup4 Fixed Fins + 1 Removable
Repair KitIncluded
Paddle IncludedAluminium Exstensible Paddle 165-215cm