The new SUP AMURA by JBAY.ZONE is the Stand Up Paddle designed specifically for beginners, for those who approach this sport for the first time or have little experience. AMURA  is marked out by a distinctive Made in Italy design and an ULTRA COMPLETE accessory pack. This SUP includes everything necessary for its use and also some high quality accessory such as the Bravo® high pressure pump and the GoPRO®HERO type Action Cam Holder.










AMURA maintains a good maneuverability value despite having an oversized deck, specific for beginners.


The extra width of the AMURA deck allows to obtain, in addition to the comfort during the excursions, extremely high stability values.


Thanks to the Laminated PVC construction with Drop-Stitch UAL Technology, the weight support of JBAY.ZONE Amura is 99 Kg.




JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash light and extremely resistant. Maximum length in extension of 300cm.


JBAY.ZONE adjustable aluminum paddle with a single polypropylene blade. The modular aluminum handle is extensible for 50 centimeters.


The JBAY.ZONE support for Action CAM with hooking like GoPRO®HERO can be installed comfortably on the Deck of the Stand up Paddles.


JBAY.ZONE carry bag comfortable for carrying the SUP board and its accessories. Equipped with a side pocket and adjustable shoulder straps, it can be worn as a backpack.


Bravo® 2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet fitting. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to carry out small repairs for possible holes or damages to the layer of external material.


Thanks to the construction in Laminated PVC with Drop-Stitch UAL Technology by JBAY.ZONE, the AMURA stand up paddle- when it will reach the pressure of 15PSI- gives proof of its rigidity and its excellent weight support.


The AMURA H3 board is light and easy to handle with its weight limited to only 9 kg. Once deflated, you can safely store it in its carry bag and transport it comfortably in the boot of the car.


AMURA is a versatile board, that can be used in different conditions. It is particularly suitable for beginners thanks to a large and comfortable deck, specially balanced by JBAY.ZONE.


AMURA is made up of two PVC layers and one Polyester layer to reinforce and assure a great resistance to the SUP.

LENGTH 297 cm – 9’9”

This size allows to maintain a good maneuverability of the board without compromising its agility. The SUP AMURA is very versatile and its performances are great both during a trip on sheets of water and on slightly rough waters.

WIDTH 81 cm – 32”

The extra width of the SUP AMURA offers better stability on the board by increasing the space for the user, making it very comfortable for the trips and very stable for beginners. The wider Deck also affects the speed of the board, which shows indicatively lower values than boards with a narrower Deck.

THICKNESS 10 cm – 4”

The thickness of 10 cm reduces the resistance to air currents of the SUP AMURA increasing its maneuverability.


You can use the JBAY.ZONE AMURA H3 board immediately : everything you need touse it, it is included into the packaging.


The SUP JBAY.ZONE AMURA is entirely made of highly resistant laminated PVC with EVA Foam cover on the Deck to further increase stability during use. The combination of colors and the exclusive JBAY.ZONE design give to the Stand Up Paddle a sporting and a strong character.

The internal structure of AMURA H3 is made up of thousands of fabric filaments welded to laminated PVC. This technology is called DropStitch UAL, and allows the SUP AMURA, once inflated to the maximum recommended pressure of 15PSI, to give proof of its rigidity. The Rail is also reinforced by an extra layer of Laminated PVC for greater safety and resistance to any impact or stress.

On the deck of the SUP AMURA H3 JBAY.ZONE there are some steel “D rings”, useful for connecting the Safety Leash supplied with this board, or other accessories such as the Semi-rigid Seat for the transformation of the Stand Up Paddle into a comfortable Kayak.

The valves used by JBAY.ZONE for the SUP AMURA H3 are High Pressure type with Bayonet coupling to connect the Bravo® Pump supplied in complete safety, optimizing the air insufflation operations and avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure leaks. At last, the EVA Foam that covers the upper part of the Stand Up Paddle is slightly raised near the tail to increase the handling and comfort.

JBAY.ZONE / SUP AMURA H3 / 9,9 / MODEL: 29001 / 8056518102011

Category Beginner's Board
Material   Laminated PVC DROP-STITCH UAL Technology
Volume 210lt
Thickness 10cm / 4''
Length 297cm / 9'9''
Width 81cm / 32''
Weight 9kg
Air Chambers 1
Inflation Pressure 15psi / 1Bar
Users 1
Recommended User Weight 99kg
Kayak Conversion  Yes, seat and Double-Bladed Paddle Sold Separately
Leash Included
Action Cam Support GoPro®HERO, included (camera not included)
Pump Double Action Bravo® Pump 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Carry bag Included
Central fin Removable
Repair Kit Included
Paddle  Included, Extensible Aluminium Shaft 165-215cm