JBAY.ZONE is constantly looking for prominent artists to collaborate with for the realization of its Sup Special Edition, original and unique boards of their kind. After the great success obtained with the Special Edition 2020 FRA! SUP Board, created in collaboration with FRA!, Characterized by unique and exciting graphics, JBAY.ZONE, for the Sup Special Edition 2021, has chosen to collaborate with Eddie Colla , Internationally renowned street artist as well as photographer and curator of art galleries. Eddie’s style is direct and remains impressed at first glance, with its urban hues and dark shades, it features in an important way the new SUP EDDIE, inspired by Street Art. Street Art is an unconventional type of art without a well-defined boundary, a way that allows free, unconstrained exhibition of museums and galleries. Such freedom to express oneself is comparable to the sense of immersion and exclusivity that a Sup allows you to experience during a hike.










The EDDIE SUP Board, while presenting a large and comfortable Deck, ideal for medium / long length excursions, still manages to maintain good maneuverability.


The EDDIE SUP is extremely comfortable, with extremely high stability values compared to boards with a narrower deck.


The EDDIE Inflatable Stand up Paddle supports riders up to 145 kg in weight. JBAY.ZONE HDT Drop-Stitch Technology ensures excellent weight support.




JBAY.ZONE Safety Leash light and extremely resistant. Maximum length in extension of 300cm


JBAY.ZONE Special Edition adjustable Carbon Fiber paddle with a single polypropylene blade (83 SQ.IN – 535cm²). The modular Carbon Fiber handle is extensible for 50 centimeters with Anti-Twist System.


The JBAY.ZONE support for Action CAM with hooking like GoPRO®HERO can be installed comfortably on the Deck of the Stand up Paddles.


JBAY.ZONE Special Edition carry bag is ideal to carry the Stand Up Paddle EDDIE and its accessories.


Bravo® 2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet fitting. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to carry out small repairs for possible holes or damages to the layer of external material.


The HDT Technology used for the EDDIE inflatable SUP board allows, thanks to thousands of fabric filaments welded to the ends of the Laminated PVC, once the ideal pressure of 18PSI has been reached, to obtain a rigid and resistant board. The two overlapping layers of laminated PVC make it possible to obtain an inflatable board with performance comparable to that of a rigid SUP, with excellent weight support.


The Stand up Paddle EDDIE is light, weighs only 14kg, despite being an extremely resistant and durable SUP, built with HDT technology that uses two layers of Laminated PVC (Double Layer).


Eddie Colla attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated from California College of Arts working first for the New York Times and various advertising agencies, gradually becoming a Street Artist with the aim of countering the all-pervasive nature of commercialism in public spaces . His Street Art in 2008 began to incorporate images of the future President Barack Obama and in 2012 he obtained the role of Curator at the IOAKal gallery continuing to create numerous large-scale public murals. His art is identifiable, direct and with dark hues, exactly with the new touring Board Eddie.


The laminated PVC used for the EDDIE SUP board is composed of two layers of PVC, interspersed with a layer of Polyester, to reinforce and guarantee great resistance to the SUP.

LENGTH 320 cm – 10’6”

Proving excellent for physical endurance training, the EDDIE SUP board offers good smoothness and speed, ideal characteristics for medium or long distance exploration outings, proving to be excellent for following a straight line trajectory.

WIDTH 81 cm – 32”

The width of the EDDIE Stand up Paddle allows to obtain an increase in the space available for the user on the Deck, making it very comfortable for excursions and more stable for beginners. The wider Deck also affects the speed of the board, which usually demonstrates lower values ​​than boards with a narrower Deck.

THICKNESS 15 cm – 6”

The thickness of 15cm is a premium value, not common to all inflatable SUPs. The resistance to weight is high and this results in even greater stability for the user in various conditions of use.


The SUP EDDIE boasts high quality accessories such as the double action Bravo® SUP4PUMP pump and the GoPRO®HERO mount. The paddle supplied is the adjustable Special Edition, with carbon fiber handle equipped with Anti-Twist system.


The SUP EDDIE JBAY.ZONE is made up of two overlapping layers of high resistance laminated PVC, which allow to obtain an inflatable board with performance comparable to that of a rigid SUP, with excellent weight support.

Drop-Stitch technology was used for the internal structure which, thanks to thousands of fabric filaments welded to the ends of the Laminated PVC, allows the Stand Up Paddle EDDIE, once it reaches the ideal pressure of 18PSI, to become rigid and resistant. The Rail is reinforced with an extra layer of laminated PVC for greater safety and resistance to possible impacts.

The EDDIE SUP board features an EVA Foam cover on the central part of the Deck, to provide extra support to the Paddler in different conditions of use. The valve installed on the Tail of the EDDIE Stand up Paddle is High Pressure with bayonet coupling. It allows you to connect the double action Bravo® pump, supplied, in complete safety, optimizing the air injection operations and avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure losses. Also for this model there are D-rings along the perimeter of the Deck, useful for connecting accessories such as the safety leash or the specific seat for transforming the stand up paddle into a kayak.

JBAY.ZONE / SUP EDDIE / 10,6 / MODEL: 30034 / 8056518103346

Category Touring SUP Board
Material Double Layer Laminated PVC DROP-STITCH Technology
Volume  304 L
Thickness 15cm / 6''
Length 320cm / 10'6''
Width 81cm / 32''
Weight 13,5kg
Air Chambers 1
Inflation Pressure 18psi / 1.24Bar
Users 1
Recommended User Weight 145kg
Kayak Conversion  Yes, seat and double-bladed Paddle Sold separately
Leash Included
Action CAM Support GoPro HERO included (camera not included)
Pump Included, Double Action Bravo Pump 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Carry bag Included, Special Edition
Fins 1 Removable Central Fin + 2 Fixed Side Fins
Repair kit Included
Paddle Included, Extensible Carbon Fiber Shaft 165-215cm with Anti-Twist System