Meditation, balance, relax, physical and mental training, if practiced in close contact with nature are more effective and satisfying. With the JBAY.ZONE Paddle Island JFLOW, thanks to the specific “flower” shape it is possible to fasten up to 6 SUPs to the platform in a circular way, making it easier to perform and coordinate team activities.










JFLOW si gonfia e sgonfia in pochi minuti e si ripone facilmente nell'apposito borsone fornito per il trasporto. Per spostare la Paddle Island una volta gonfiata, è possibile utilizzare le pratiche maniglie presenti lungo i bordi.


La Paddle Island JFLOW, durante le attività di gruppo coordinate, consente all'istruttore di sistemarsi in modo stabile al centro dell'isola, in una posizione privilegiata e ben visibile rispetto agli Stand up Paddle ancorati alla pedana.


E' possible collegare alla Paddle Island JFLOW fino a 6 Stand up Paddle simultaneamente, sfruttando i numerosi D-Rings installati lungo i bordi. Un anello centrale sul bottom della piattaforma consente di affrancarla ad una boa o un'ancora.




JBAY.ZONE carry bag ideal to carry the Paddle Island JFLOW.


Bravo® 2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for SUP, ideal for High Pressure valves with bayonet fitting. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector.


Practical repair kit with laminated PVC patch to carry out small repairs for possible holes or damages to the layer of external material.


As for SUPs, also for JFLOW the Drop-Stitch UAL construction technique with Laminated PVC has been used. In this way it is possible to guarantee to the Paddle Island JFLOW, once the recommended pressure of 15PSI will be reached, rigidity, stability and an excellent weight support.


Considering the important dimensions of the Paddle Island JFLOW, the JBAY.ZONE technicians were able to keep the weight down to less than 20kg, stopping the scale measurement at only 17kg.


Yoga is only one of the several activities that can benefit from the use of the JFLOW platform and a SUP, in fact, all fitness and wellness exercises can be performed outdoor in a more rewarding and effective way. By exercising in water it is possible to learn to assume a correct posture during the execution.

Coordinating the various group activities feasible on board of a SUP is very simple with the help of the JFLOW platform.


The laminated PVC used for the construction of all the Stand Up Paddles JBAY.ZONE and of the new Paddle Island JFLOW is made up of  two PVC layers and one Polyester layer to reinforce and assure a great resistance to the SUP.

LENGTH 250cm – 8’2”

With the Paddle Island JFLOW up to 6 Stand Up Paddles can be used: they can be attached to the platform through the special D-rings. Practicing physical exercise together with other people is more effective than alone with important benefits for the mind and the body.

LARGHEZZA 200cm – 6’7”

Praticare attività fisica a bordo di uno stand up paddle assicurato alla Paddle Island JFLOW rende molto più semplice la coordinazione di esercizi di gruppo. Il valore aggiunto nella pratica di SUP Yoga o SUP Fitness è quello di stimolare continuamente il proprio senso di equilibrio facendo lavorare tutti i muscoli del corpo con un unico allenamento.

THICKNESS 15cm – 6”

The thickness of 15cm is a premium value not always found in the most popular inflatable equipment. The weight resistance and general stability are considerably greater in the various conditions of use.


A comfortable carry bag, a double action pump and a repair kit are included into the set.


The new Paddle Island JFLOW is completely built in high resistance Laminated PVC with EVA Foam cover on the central part of the deck to provide a non-slip surface to the instructor during the exercises, in case he wants to reach a central position as to the other SUPs anchored to the platform.

The internal structure of the Paddle Island JFLOW is made up of thousands of fabric filaments welded to laminated PVC. This technology is called Drop-Stitch UAL which gives to the new JBAY.ZONE Stand up Paddle Platform  an excellent rigidity and resistance. The recommended pressure for Paddle Island is 15PSI.

On the deck of the Paddle Island JFLOW there are the special steel “D-rings“, which can be used to fasten to the platform up to 6 Stand up Paddles simultaneously. The D-rings installed on the bottom of the platform are useful for anchoring the Paddle Island to a pier or an anchor.

The valves used by JBAY.ZONE for this new platform for Stand up Paddle are High Pressure type with Bayonet coupling to firmly connect the included Bravo® Pump and thus optimize the air insufflation operations, avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure leaks.

JBAY.ZONE / JFLOW PADDLE ISLAND / 8’2” / MODEL: 30017 / 8056518103179

Categoria Paddle Island
Materiale PVC Laminato con Tecnologia DROP-STITCH UAL
Volume  950lt
Spessore 20cm / 7'8''
Lunghezza 250cm / 8'2''
Larghezza 200cm / 6'7''
Peso 17kg
Nr. Camere d'Aria 1
Pressione Gonfiaggio 13-15psi / 0.89-1Bar
Nr. Paddle Agganciabili 6
Cavigliera No
Supporto Camera No
Pompa in Dotazione a Doppia Azione Bravo 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Borsa Trasporto in Dotazione
Pinna Centrale Non Presente
Kit Riparazione In Dotazione
Paddle in Dotazione No