JBAY.ZONE 330 is the new Sit on Top single-seater kayak, made entirely of laminated PVC with high pressure DROP-STITCH technology, for unparalleled rigidity and weight support. The new inflatable canoe was designed by JBAY.ZONE to have fun on the beach, try your hand at a fishing trip or embark on an adventure to explore coasts, rivers or lakes or simply to spend a weekend of sports, water fun and emotions. positive.










The single central fin and the V-shaped keel allow the Kayak 330 to reach a good travel speed and to be easily maneuverable in the water.


Thanks to the semi-rigid seats and the construction with laminated PVC and Drop-Stitch technology with flat bottom, the Kayak 330 proves to be comfortable and stable, ideal for cruising sessions.


The new Kayak 330 in Drop-Stitch JBAY.ZONE fabric is suitable for hosting a user and carrying up to 165Kg




The semi-rigid JBAY.ZONE seat in Polyester, convenient and comfortable, is fixed to the steel D-Rings present on the inside of the inflatable tubes.


Double blade paddle with three-part aluminum handle with a total length of 230cm.


Bravo® 2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for High Pressure valves with bayonet coupling. Single-Action Double-Action mode switch.


JBAY.ZONE Transport Bag, spacious and compact, allows you to transport the Kayak 330 and its accessories in a practical and effortless way.


The semi-rigid JBAY.ZONE toe box helps to increase the comfort and stability of the users while rowing.


Repair kit consisting of two pieces of laminated PVC, to be able to intervene on any accidental damage.


Thanks to the construction in Laminated PVC with UAL Drop-Stitch Technology, the Kayak 330 JBAY.ZONE, once inflated to the ideal recommended pressure of 10Psi, proves to be extremely rigid and is able to offer excellent weight support.


Compact and lightweight, the total weight of the new Kayak 330 is only 14kg, which makes this canoe very easy to transport.


The three air chambers, one for the floor and two for the tubulars, available on the Kayak 330 allow each one to be inflated at a pressure of 10psi corresponding to 0.7bar. The high pressure allows to obtain a marked increase in performances, making the Kayak 330 also very similar, to the touch and to the sight, to a rigid canoe.


The Laminated PVC used to assemble the Kayak 330 is composed of two layers of High Resistance PVC interspersed with a layer of Polyester to further reinforce the structure of the product.

LENGTH 330cm – 10’8

At 330cm, the Kayak 330 JBAY.ZONE accommodates a paddler in comfort. Despite its length, the Kayak demonstrates great stability, thanks also to the semi-rigid seat, which can be attached to the Kayak with the appropriate straps, and to the semi-rigid footrest, which allow to increase the user’s safety during paddling.

WIDTH 78cm – 31”

The 78cm width of the hull of the Kayak 330 gives stability without affecting the quality of movement in the water, does not invasively limit the paddling’s paddling and does not slow down the turn.


The height of the tubulars is perfectly sized with respect to the paddling position inside the kayak. The movements are fluid and unhindered.


A semi-rigid seat is included in the 330 kayak, which is much more comfortable and more performing than the standard inflatable seats fitted to most kayaks of this type. In addition to the seat, there is a double-blade paddle with a removable 230cm aluminum handle, a semi-rigid footrest, the Bravo double-action inflation pump, the repair kit and the practical bag for transporting the canoe.


The Kayak 330 JBAY.ZONE has a “mixed hull” conformation: at the bow it has a V-shaped keel, which allows to cut the water making the kayak more hydrodynamic, while in the central part it has a flat bottom, which makes it easy to maneuver. The result is an agile kayak, which maintains a decent speed and is at the same time very manageable. The high resistance Laminated PVC with which the Kayak 330 is built is supported, both for the tubulars and for the floor, by Drop-Stitch technology. The internal structure is composed of thousands of fabric filaments welded to the laminated PVC that allow the Kayak 330, once inflated to the pressure recommended by JBAY.ZONE of 10Psi, to prove extremely rigid and resistant, completely similar to a wooden canoe. or fiberglass.

The valves, for each of the three air chambers provided for the Kayak 330, are high pressure with bayonet coupling and central safety pin. The supplied seat is semi-rigid, of high quality, more comfortable and resistant than an inflatable seat, and is fixed to the tubes of the Kayak 330 by means of special adjustable straps. The footrest provided is a firm foothold and guarantees excellent stability when paddling, allowing you to impart more force to the paddle movements. At the stern and bow of the Kayak 330 JBAY.ZONE there are practical carrying handles and elastic laces to store your equipment safely during the excursion.

JBAY.ZONE / KAYAK 330 / MODEL: 30032 / 8056518103322

Type Drop-Stitch Kayak
Material Laminated PVC DROP-STITCH Technology
Length 330cm / 10'8''
Width 78cm / 31''
Weight 14kg
Air Chambers 3
Inflation Pressure 10psi - 13psi / 0.7Bar - 0.9Bar
Users 1
Recommended User Weight 165kg
Pump included, Double Action Bravo Pump 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi
Carrybag included
Fins 1 Removable FIn
Repair Kit Included
Paddle Double Blade paddle with Aluminium Shaft 230cm
Footrest Semi-Rigid footrest included
Seat Semi-rigid seat included