The new V-Shape Kayaks by JBAY.ZONE, made entirely with Drop-Stitch technology and characterized by an attractive design, are fast on the water, ideal for having fun on rivers, lakes and all the sheets’ of water. Available in double versions: for one person and 2 persons, the new JBAY.ZONE V-Shape Kayaks will give unique emotions, accompanying the sports fans during their trips on the water. These kayaks can be carried anywhere without any effort.










The single central fin and the V-keel allow the V-Shape Mono Kayak to reach a good travel speed and to be easily maneuvered in the water.


Thanks to the semi-rigid seats and the construction with laminated PVC and Drop-Stitch technology with flat bottom, the V-Shape Mono Kayak proves comfortable and stable, ideal for Cruising sessions.


The new V-Shape Mono Kayak in JBAY.ZONE Drop-Stitch fabric is suitable for two users and carries a total weight of 159kg.




The JBAY.ZONE semi-rigid and comfortable seat in Polyester, is fixed to the steel D-Rings on the inside of the inflatable tubes.


Double-blade paddle with a modular handle (it can be divided into three parts) with an overall length of 220cm.


2x2000cc Manual Pump specific for High Pressure valves with bayonet fitting. Single-Action Double-Action mode selector.


New Carry Bag JBAY.ZONE specific to carry the Kayak V-Shape and its accessories


The quick drain valve allows you to expel the water that has entered the hull quickly, without having to tip the kayak.


Repair kit with two laminated PVC pieces useful in case of involuntary damages.


Thanks to its construction in Laminated PVC with Drop-Stitch Technology, you can inflate the new Kayak V-Shape Mono JBAY.ZONE until the recommended pression of 12Psi: when the kayak will reach it, it will be rigid and with an excellent weight support.


The weight of the new Kayak V-Shape Mono is only 16kg.


The two air chambers provided for the new Kayak V-Shape Mono allow an inflation at a pressure of 12psi corresponding to 0.82bar. The high pressure makes the V-Shape Mono Kayak very similar to a rigid canoe with incomparable performances as to other inflatable kayaks.


The laminated PVC used to assemble the V-Shape Mono Kayak is made up of two layers of High-resistance PVC with a layer of Polyester to further reinforce the structure of the product.

LENGTH 385cm

On board of the V-Shape Mono JBAY.ZONE Kayak there is enough space for the users’ legs. The canoeists are in total comfort, thanks to the semi-rigid seat  that can be attached to the kayak with the provided straps.

WIDTH 80cm

The width of the V-Shape Mono Kayak is optimally dimensioned  in order to allow to the canoeists to move freely while sailing.


The height of the tubes is perfectly dimensioned as regards to the paddling position inside the kayak. The movements are smooth and without obstacles.


Together with the V-Shape  kayak Mono, JBAY.ZONE included a pair of semi-rigid seats – much more comfortable than the inflatable seats of the most kayaks of this type- a pair of double-blade paddles with a modular aluminum handle of 220cm, Double Action pump for inflation, the repair kit and the practical bag to carry the kayak.


The half-closed structure gives to the JBAY.ZONE V-Shape Duo Kayak an appearance very similar to a rigid Kayak, and also the performances are directly comparable. The Drop-Stitch technology and the high inflation pressure at 12psi have made it possible to create an inflatable kayak, rigid and high-performance, to be carried anywhere without any difficulty, simply storing it inside its backpack. The flat bottom of the JBAY.ZONE V-Shape Duo Kayak helps to increase the stability during the excursions and recreational activities on rivers with moderate currents, sea bays and lakes. The relation between length and width of the kayak makes it possible to keep a good stability without damaging too much the maximum reachable speed, with a removable directional fin to support the correct maintenance of the ideal route.

For each of the two air chambers provided for the V-Shape Mono Kayak,  JBAY.ZONE installed a high pressure inflation valve. On the bottom, there is also a rapid water drain valve to optimize the emptying of the hull in case of need. The provided seats are of high quality and higher comfort than the classic inflatables ones, they are fixed to the tubes of the Kayak V-Shape Mono by means of special adjustable straps. At the stern and bow of the JBAY.ZONE V-Shape Mono Kayak there are the practical carrying handles and elastic laces to keep your equipment safely during the trips.

JBAY.ZONE / V-SHAPE KAYAK MONO / MODEL: 30020 / 8056518103209

Category V-Shape Drop-Stitch Kayak
Material  Laminated PVC DROP-STITCH Technology
Length 385cm
Width 80cm
Weight 16kg
Air Chambers 2
Valves Type High Pressure / Rapid water drain valve
Inflation Pressure 12psi / 0.82Bar
Users 1
Recommended User Weight 159kg
Pump Included, Double Action pump 2x2000cc 1.7bar / 25psi
Carry Bag Included
Fin 1 Removable fin
Repair Kit Included
Paddle Included, Double Blade Paddle Aluminium Shaft 220cm
Footrest No
Seats Included, semi-rigid Seat